Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

$55.00 AUD

Medium lemony acidity, full-body, complex jasmine and bergamot notes, long-lasting aftertaste. 

Varietal / Heirloom Ethiopia 

Country / Ethiopia

Region / Yirgacheffe

Producer / List & Beisler GmbH

Process / Washed

Altitude / 1,800m - 2,000m

Farm Information

Ethiopia is considered the cradle of coffee and was made famous for its Coffea Arabica. At the washing stations, the beans are carefully sorted before processing with only the fully ripe and red cherries finding their way to the pulper to ensure quality. Here, the cherry skin and the pulp are removed from the bean and put into fermentation tanks for 24 – 36 hours (depending on weather conditions). The coffee is then finally washed and graded in washing channels. The high humidity content of the beans is reduced down to approx. 12% under the African sun on ‘drying tables’. This happens for 10-15 days while the coffee is carefully attended to and raked several times a day.