La Providencia

$55.00 AUD

Complex notes of caramel, chocolate & brown sugar with a jammy finish.

Varietal / Caturra

Country / El Salvador

Region / Tacuba, Ahuachapan

Producer / Alfaro & Gutierrez

Process / Black Honey

Altitude / 1250m

Farm Information

La Providencia is a 70 ha farm owned by Fernando Alfaro and Jose Enrique Gutierrez, both of whom have a long family history with coffee production in El Salvador. They meticulously sort and de-pulp the fully ripe cherries, and then dry the parchment still covered in mucilage on raised African-style drying beds.

The coffee must be turned constantly until completely dry as the amount of mucilage on black honey causes the beans to lump together - this drying process usually lasts for 22-24 days.