Steven Mora

$55.00 AUD

Aromas of citrus peel, raspberry, cranberry juice & hazelnut.

Varietal / Caturra

Country / Costa Rica

Region / Poas

Producer / Don Sabino

Process / Natural

Altitude / 1600m

Farm Information

Café Don Sabino has been operating in the coffee industry since 1940 - it all began with Recadero Vargas who was a pioneer in the coffee industry in the area.

At Don Sabino, coffee is picked fully ripe, almost red grape-like, and as soon as the coffee cherries have been collected they are then transported to the drying patio where they are immediately spread on African raised beds and moved every half hour to ensure uniform drying.

Every day at 2pm when the sun becomes too hot, and every evening before nightfall, they are gathered again and stored in a special plastic to protect them from excessive heat, along with humidity and cold temperatures of the night.