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We're Mark and Anthony, the coffee lovers turned roasters behind Three Pence Roasters. Originally influenced by the hectic pace and eclectic culture of hospitality, we soon realised we were most attracted to the beating heart of the industry: caffeine.

A love affair with coffee began when we noticed the modern coffee drinker was evolving. Customers were no longer satisfied with a quick caffeine fix, but were more discerning in their preference, interested in where the coffee came from and it’s tasting notes. And so our mission became to produce consistently excellent, sustainable and ethical coffee.

Like any famous band, we started in a garage; roasting coffee in Anthony’s garage in Cronulla, Sydney back in 2014, and Three Pence was born in 2017. Now, we’re proud to supply coffee to many homes, cafes, restaurants and offices all over Australia. Our brand is now widely recognised and beloved (if we do say so ourselves).

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