Castillo Jairo Arcila Columbia – Honey

Castillo Jairo Arcila Columbia – Honey

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Direct from Buenos Aires, our Castillo Buenos Aires specialty grade single origin coffee bean delivers a fruity aroma with notes of kiwi, watermelon and red wine. The coffee is honey processed, giving the single origin a sweeter flavour than the natural processed variety. 

This coffee is grown by farmer Jairo Arcila and his family in Colombia and was carefully hand-picked in order to use only the ripest cherries and then honey processed. Finca Buenos Aires is located only 3km away from Armenia, part of the coffee triangle, an area that is considered by many to produce the best coffee in the world.


I / O / S =  21 / 45 - 50 / 26


Recommended for espresso. 

Region: Buenos Aires

2018 Score: 88

Variety: Castillo

Grade: Specialty

Altitude: 1250 - 1300 m

Processing: Honey

Cup Notes: Kiwi, watermelon & red wine


Recommended Recipe for Espresso

I = In (amount in grams of ground coffee in group head)

O = Out (weight of espresso shot when extracted)

S = Seconds (recommended extraction time)