Huye Hills Rwanda

$55.00 AUD

Citric and malic acidity, complex, cranberry sweet, honey and black tea notes.

Varietal / Bourbon

Country / Rwanda

Region / Huye Hills

Producer / Simbi washing Station

Process / Honey

Altitude / 1,700 - 2,200 masl.

Farm Information

Rwanda is blessed with ideal conditions for growing specialty coffee. The Simbi coffee washing station is located in the Huye Hills district of Rwanda‘s Southern province. It was his grandmother‘s great passion for coffee farming and roasting, that inspired founder Abdul Rudahunga to enter the coffee business and establish the washing station.

Today, the wet mill gathers over 1,800 smallholders. They all grow high-quality Arabica Bourbon, a varietal known for its complex acidity and great balance. Per harvest, the farmers supplying to Simbi washing station produce up to 500 tons of cherries. Cherries are carefully hand-sorted, processed, and sun-dried on drying tables.