Kenya AA Kijani

$15.00 AUD

Balanced, very sweet, complex with pleasant black currant, juicy tomato.

Varietal / SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11

Country / Kenya

Region / Nyeri

Producer / Smallholder Coffee Farmers

Process / Washed

Altitude / 1,600 - 2,000 masl.

Farm Information

Due to the geographical location on the equator, there is little distinction between the different seasons in Kenya. Therefore, the harvest takes place twice a year resulting in a main crop and a smaller fly crop. This phenomenon is unique to Kenya and only a few other coffee producing countries around the world.

Nyeri is a famous coffee region in the heart of the central highlands and is located between the western outskirts of Mount Kenya and the eastern end of the Great Rift Valley. All coffees are wet processed and dried under the African sun on “African Beds” down to approx. 12% once the fermentation and washing processes are finished.

Both fine and complex, the combination of red volcanic soil, high altitudes and ideal climate has a decisive impact on the development of the aroma that characterises this coffee.