$45.00 AUD

Juicy complex acidity of black currants, sloe berries with orange, chocolate body & finish.

Varietal / Arusha, Typica, Mundonovo

Country / Papua New Guinea

Region / Kabiufa, Eastern Highlands

Producer / Moses Venapoe

Process / Washed

Altitude / 1750m

Farm Information

Cherry is hand-sorted at a wet mill prior to arriving at Riverside Coffee, which is set up with raised drying beds on which parchment is carefully sun-dried over a period of seven to nine days and any obvious remaining impurities are removed from the drying beds by hand.

This results in immaculate looking parchment that is brought to a dry mill for processing. Consistent, razor clean and bright flavours with low defects underlines this immaculately processed Kabiufa coffee.