Rosario De Fatima

$45.00 AUD

Juicy body with jasmine, vanilla and citrus notes with a sugarcane like finish. 

Varietal / Caturra

Region / Alta Verapaz, Cobán

Producer / Joerg Sterkel

Process / Natural

Altitude / 1200 - 1450m

Farm Information

Owned and operated by the Sterkel family, Finca Rosario de Fatima is located within the department of Cobán (Guatemala).

The farm is 64ha and consists entirely of Caturra variety, which is grown under the shade of Inga trees. The region is perennially cloudy, rainy, and cool, with limestone and clay soil - creating an incredible microclimate for coffee to thrive in. The Sterkel Family have been working with TG Labs, assisting farmers by promoting traceability within the supply chain. They also help farmers create a layout of their production, identifying where exceptional coffee beans are growing to manage their resources.