Coffee Recipes for Summer!

January 09, 2023

As we are in the middle of summer, some tend to steer away from the classic hot coffees and are keen to try something a little more refreshing! Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on your daily caffeine hit, as there are plenty of alternative options for a cold coffee. 

Below are some of our favourite coffee recipes for the summertime…don’t worry they're easy too!

The Classic Three Pence Iced Coffee!

We couldn’t start off the perfect summer coffee recipes without a classic iced coffee! If you are not the biggest fan of cold espresso, maybe it’s a bit too bitter for you then this is the perfect option for you. 

Add your favourite Three Pence blend with a dash of milk into your designated coffee mug with ice and that’s it…perfection! Any milk or milk alternative will work, shop our options here, for coffee we recommend our Dark Carnival blend.


Coffee Milkshake, Three Pence Style!

Find yourself looking for a twist on a classic, then you won’t go wrong with our 4-ingredient coffee milkshake and a bonus, it only takes 5 minutes, and it absolutely delicious!! For this one, you’ll need to add any milk or milk alternative of your choice to your blender, you can find the perfect choice on our online store here. Grind up your favourite Three Pence coffee and add that to your blender; all your coffee favourites are available here.  

Next up, you will need one or two of your favourite milkshake syrup, you can find all your favourite flavours here. Add as much ice cream as your heart desires, we think 4-5 big scoops is the best for the classic milkshake creaminess. Blend it all up until nice and smooth, pour it into your favourite cup and enjoy! This one will truly knock your socks off.

Iced Long Black with Coffee Crush!

Last but certainly not least, this one for all of the iced coffee lovers out there! To make your Three Pence coffee crush, you’ll need to combine your favourite Three Pence blend, which you can shop here, with cold water and pour it into an ice tray. Put the ice tray in the freezer until frozen, preferably overnight, along with a second espresso shot in a glass.

The next morning, take your cold espresso out of the fridge and pour it into a glass with the frozen coffee crush. Add sugar if you like, serve and enjoy!

If you try some of our favourite recipes, make sure to take a photo and tag us at @threepenceroasters on Instagram.