Introducing our latest Single Origin blend…Burundi

September 24, 2022

We're bringing you another round of tasty Single Origins and this latest releases are sure to get your tastebuds tapping - all the way from Karusi.


This coffee comes from the Bugenyuzi washing station, near Bugenyuzi, the capital of the Karusi district, Central Burundi. The cherries are picked at their peak of ripeness and are then spread a thin layer on African raised beds made of fine mesh to prevent mould and promote even drying. At the hottest time of the day, and at night, the coffee is wrapped up to prevent it from drying too fast, or reabsorbing moisture. The result is a beautifully consistent and clean cup profile.

This complex cup with ripe cherry, strawberry, sweet almond, liquorice and hibiscus flavours makes for the perfect coffee!

Grab yours today!