July 13, 2022

So if you’ve been around the Shire or just visited a few of the cafes we supply delicious coffee for, you’ve probably seen our brand-new coffee bags. We also know you’ve wondered why and what the story is behind each individual coffee bag so let’s take a deep dive and grow your Three Pence knowledge.

The redesign process was a collaborative 2-round effort with our marketing team, The Collective Co., and brought together a range of aspects that truly define the Three Pence story. Mark and Anthony wanted to add a more premium and minimal look and feel to their new coffee bags so it was back to the drawing board to see how it could be executed in a way that showcased the coffee as well as each blend’s unique story.

One feature of the new design that caught the boys’ eyes was the custom illustrations on the sides of each coffee bag. These illustrations tell the story of each blend and still give that premium look on the front and back by keeping it as minimal and clean as possible. It turns out that our boy Hugo was left on the back of the bag again so apologies from the boys for not featuring him on the front! Let’s get into the backstory behind each of our famous blends, shall we?

Three Pence Blend

This bad boy design is inspired by where we come from, Cronulla, as well as all the little things that come with living near the coast in the Shire. It exudes what Three Pence is all about and perfectly depicts the experience of sitting down at a cafe and enjoying a famous TP brew.

Big Top Blend

Inspired by the circus, the amazing design team brought together all the aspects that scream fun and circus vibes. From fireworks to Hugo’s famous bike, you’ll know the exact blend by just looking at it. It’s an exciting blend for the tastebuds and is big, bold and full of flavour, hence why we called it ‘Big Top’.

Paramour Blend

Inspired by their true love besides coffee and that’s Melbourne! Mark and Anthony love their trips to Melbourne, which is a great city and action-packed with more delicious coffee than you’d ever imagine. Hence the naming, Paramour and the busy city illustrations, as Melbourne is their secret love affair and pairing that love with a unique blend of naturally processed coffee. It’s undoubtedly inspired by the Melbourne coffee culture.

Dark Carnival Blend

This one is our most popular coffee bean so you know we had to have the best coffee bag design. From humble beginnings in the garage, testing and tweaking each roast, this illustration is inspired by the depths of the ocean and you’ll see plenty of fish and other sea life. The anchor in the middle of the illustration represents the idea that this specific blend keeps us grounded and reminds us of where we started and where we are now.

Three Pence Roasters coffee is expertly sourced and blended by ‘unbearded’ professionals, bringing in a little piece of the age-old coffee tradition to Sydney. Try a blend for yourself by visiting our online shop