August 16, 2022

Here at Three Pence Roasters, we are all about coffee and its enjoyment in our everyday lives. Our love for coffee stems from noticing that the modern coffee drinker was evolving. Customers were no longer satisfied with a quick caffeine fix but were more discerning in their preferences. For some people, however, they haven’t been able to enjoy coffee and this is probably because they don’t know how to enjoy it or what to look out for.

The boys have you covered, we spoke to Mark and Anthony and they’ve listed their ultimate guide to enjoying coffee so kick the feet up, grab your favourite brew (it doesn’t have to be coffee) and keep your eyes peeled because we’re gonna educate ya!


Start with high-quality coffee beans

Luckily for you, you’ll find high-quality coffee beans here or at our Woodfield Ave warehouse. Our mission is to produce consistently excellent, sustainable and ethical coffee. Quality control is also very important to us so we dedicate some serious time to ensuring that only the best beans make it to your cup. To ease you into the process of enjoying your next cuppa, we recommend trying our signature Dark Carnival blend. From humble beginnings in the garage, testing and tweaking the roast to get that perfect full-body blend, with flavours of nuts & sweet tobacco, and a berry-like finish.

Experiment with timing

When it comes to making the perfect coffee and the ability to enjoy a hot brew, it’s all about timing. When you grind up your coffee and add water, the water becomes a solvent and as the molecules dissolve, the flavour is extracted but they don’t all dissolve at the same rate. A well-balanced cup has a good balance of acidity, sweetness and bitterness, so you need to get the timing right. All of our coffee beans are labelled with the optimal extraction time so you can make the perfect coffee every time.


Think about its taste

By nature, coffee can tend to be slightly complex. There are typically more than 800 different chemical compounds that contribute to the overall flavour and aroma of your favourite blend. These flavours can be subtle or they can hit you like a ton of bricks. Each coffee bag you purchase from not only Three Pence Roasters but any other coffee roaster (TIP: they won’t be as good as us) will always have the tasting notes so that you can identify which flavours are more present than others.


Try coffee without the milk or sugar

Let’s face it, majority of us add milk and sugar to our coffee out of habit, which is often to mask the bitterness or poor flavours of cheap coffee. When you are tasting expertly sourced coffee, you don’t need the milk and sugar to make it tastier. If your goal is to taste individual flavour notes and experience coffee in its true form, you won’t be able to do so if you add milk and sugar. Keep that in mind for when you have your next coffee. Learn to enjoy the journey.


Three Pence Roasters coffee is expertly sourced and blended by ‘unbearded’ professionals, bringing in a little piece of the age-old coffee tradition to Sydney. Try a blend for yourself by visiting our online shop