Looking to jazz up your next latte?

February 09, 2021

Despite the fact we will never tire from the glorious taste of coffee, sometimes it is a little fun to spice up the daily brew. If you’re a caffeine lover like us, try mixing it up every once in a while. Need help finding a little pizazz? Here are our favourite ways to shake things up a little (or a lot!).


Beetroot Latte:

Yes, you can put beetroot in your salad, your burger and now your coffee! Beyond Beetroot Elixir adds a delicious flavour and a glorious pink hue to your drink, and it has all the nutritious benefits you can get from beets. They don’t call this a superfood elixir for nothin! Try it hot or cold.

Shop Beyond Beetroot Elixir here.


Matcha Latte:

Go green and add a dash of Maho Matcha Elixir to your latte for a flavoursome matcha experience straight from Kyoto, Shizuoka and the Mie Regions in Japan. This elixir has a high tea content to give you the most authentic flavour, texture and colour every sip.

Shop Maho Matcha Elixir here.


Vanilla Latte:

It may be vanilla, but the experience is anything but. If you like it a little sweeter, The Goodness Specialty Coffee Syrup in Vanilla adds the perfect blend and balance to give you an extra skip in your step post coffee. If vanilla ain’t your style, try Hazelnut, Caramel or Manuka Honey, Lemon & Ginger.

Shop The Goodness Specialty Coffee Syrups here.


Turmeric Latte:

When you hear turmeric, think all things anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and all that good stuff! Golden Turmeric Elixir is bursting with flavour and goodness to help wipe away your weekend antics and face Mondays head on!

Shop Golden Turmeric Elixir here.


Dirty Chai:

In need of your morning coffee but also craving that delicious combination of whole spices and honey that can only be delivered by Chai? Why not have both! Order up a dirty chai for a sly blush from your barista and an overall satisfying beverage experience. 

Shop Prana Chai Original here.


You may be feeling spoiled for choice, but don’t forget Hugo can whip you up any of the above at Three Pence HQ so you can fall in love with coffee all over again. Let us know your favourite!