Meet Edio Miranda, one of our coffee growers based in the mountains of Araponga, Brazil.

September 13, 2019

Meet Edio Miranda, one of our coffee growers based in the mountains of Araponga, Brazil where the higher altitudes and ideal climates help Edio produce a perfectly balanced cup with cocoa and citric notes.

Edio’s story begun in 1967 when he and his wife, Maria Aparecida Milagres Miranda, acquired ‘Fazenda Edio Miranda’, a 28-hectare estate that the couple would use to produce coffee. The estate is located inside a beautiful national park, packed with post-card outlooks, cascading waterfalls and mountain peaks.

The picking is done manually and once picked; the cherries are directed to African beds where the unripe ones are manually removed. When the lot reaches its ideal humidity level, it is cupped by Edio who then determines the coffee profile before it goes to storage for the post drying phase. Due to the optimal conditions in the high altitudes the end result is simply great quality coffee. About 15 years ago, Edio and Maria realised the full potential of their coffees by focusing on better practices post-harvest. Now, the whole family is involved in the business, including their children and they are dedicated to improving the quality of their coffee. Edio and his family have even been awarded at regional coffee competitions.

Edio ensures his practices are as sustainable as possible, caring for the maintenance of the soil, preservation of rivers and local species by keeping ‘green runways’ along the property. The family’s main objective now is to make the property sustainable in all three aspects: economic, social and environmental. Their main objective for post-harvest is to keep the quality of coffees by promoting a drying process as slow as possible with a strict control of the humidity level to avoid over-fermentation. Edio’s coffee produces notes of cocoa and citric with high acidity yet sweetness. It is a balanced cup; mouthfeel is pleasant with a lingering aftertaste.