Our Do's and Dont's of Coffee at Home

February 03, 2022

With so many lockdowns and isolations and majority of the population now working from home, we thought that we’d share our coffee do’s and don'ts but for those who are (trying to be) at-home baristas. It can be hard to match your favourite baristas brew from home so here is what not to do when it comes down to the nitty gritty aspect of the coffee making process. 

Do: choose the right water

99 percent of an espresso beverage is water so it is vital that you are using the right water. Bottled or filtered water are our go-to choices for at-home brewing. Tap water is the easiest way but contains minerals that can affect the final result of your coffee.

Do: nothing but fresh grounded coffee

If you didn’t know, once coffee beans are ground, they begin to lose their fresh, delicious aromas. It is important that you only ground as much coffee as you need so that you don’t miss out on the scented goodness. You’ll get peak aroma from the first sip, guaranteed!

Do: protect your coffee

You need to protect your coffee from the nasties at all costs and the only way to be the true coffee bodyguard is to store the beans at room temperature to keep the flavours and aromas at peak performance.

Don’t: reheat your coffee
It can be easy to get carried away at home and forget about your coffee but our number one rule will never change, don’t reheat your coffee. Even after your coffee sits for about 20 minutes, it starts to lose its aroma and develop an acidity. Reheating your coffee will make the acidity worse and curdle your milk, so you may as well just make a new one.

Don’t: use pre-ground coffee (where possible)

You will always be able to taste the difference between pre-ground and freshly grounded coffee. Buying whole bean coffee and grinding it just before you make your coffee will allow for the aromas to do their work and the difference in taste is well worth it.

Don’t: have coffee with sugar

Sugar is becoming more and more popular in people’s daily fix. We recommend cutting the sugar out and tasting the coffee for what it truly is, a masterpiece. You’ll begin to drink and appreciate the aromas without the sweetness and embrace the rich flavours.

Those are a few of our hot tips to make sure that your coffee at home is at its best and we think that you’ll be an expert in no time! 

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