Our Favourite Summer Refreshers

November 17, 2020

While summer can be trying, the warmer weather welcomes cool drinks. The balmy weather makes us crave that sense of refreshment of being able to wrap our fingers around an icy-cold cup of coffee. With this in mind, it can be hard to limit yourself to one (or two... or three) cups a day, so we’ve put together a range of our favourite summer refreshers.

Cold Brew - The new kid on the block in the iced coffee community is cold brew coffee, and it has been stirring up a lot of commotion recently. We love this stronger, more flavourful version of iced coffee, which anyone can easily make from home all summer long. Grab a bag of any of our Single Origins to satisfy all your cold brew cravings.

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Frappe - Who would have thought a coffee accidentally invented in Greece would take the coffee industry by storm. The frappe has risen to popularity and is now considered THE drink of choice during the summer months and increasingly all year round, no matter the climate. For an all-time frappe, try using our Paramour blend and shake one up on your own at home.

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Milkshakes - Look, we get it, it’s not coffee but we just had to include milkshakes here. Whether you’re an adult or a child this liquid gold is perfect for a hot summer’s day. The great debate; strawberry, vanilla or chocolate? Why not shop our Supreme Milkshake Syrups range and settle that one for yourself?

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Iced Latte – Simple, yet it gets the job done. When it’s too hot for your regular latte, just add some ice and forget the milk frother! We recommend a shot of our Dark Carnival and if you’re looking for some extra flavour, add a dollop of The Goodness vanilla syrup.

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Order your summer refreshers now and you will be equipped to get through the hotter and longer days approaching. If you’d like to try before you buy, our warehouse is of course always open and Hugo is always more than happy to whip you up a taster of any of the above!