Our Favourite Winter Warmers

June 03, 2020

While winter can be trying, the cold weather welcomes warm drinks. The icy bite to the air makes us crave that small but magical feeling of being able to wrap your frosty fingers around a hot cuppa joe. With this in mind, it can be hard to limit yourself to one (or two… or three) cups of coffee a day. Now, we are not ones to deny ourselves of life’s simple pleasures, but we practice everything in moderation (our body is a temple and all that jazz). So, here are our favourite winter warmers, including once you’ve reached your daily coffee quota.

  • Big Top Blend. We ALWAYS start our day with a coffee, no questions asked. On cold winter mornings, a strong coffee is needed, and so Big Top is the blend to go to. This is a big, bold, full blend which scratches your caffeine itch beautifully with flavours of nougat and lingering spice. Of course, any Three Pence blend is our go to, shop our range here.
  • Two Chaps Sticky Chai. There’s something about the bold and aromatic flavours of Two Chaps Sticky Chai’s original blend that is soul warming. Each of the ten 100% natural ingredients have been carefully selected and handled in a way to maximise taste and vitality. Shop here.
  • Golden Turmeric Elixir. This cup will be bursting with flavour and goodness, almost enough to trick you into thinking you’re still wrapped up in bed. A blend of turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and organic vanilla extracts makes it a delicious start to your day or perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Shop here.
  • T-Bar Earl Grey Blueflower Tea. A staple for all tea lovers, an earl grey is a must have on your winter tea roster. The distinct, homely flavour of this Earl Grey contains bergamot, mallow and cornflower blossoms. Basically, you’ll feel like this tea is reaching across the table and giving you a big, warm hug. It’s soft on the palate but hits the spot perfectly. Shop here.
  • Nomad Drinking Chocolate. Now, this wouldn’t be a winter warmers list without hot chocolate, would it? Crafted with superb Forester cacao bean from West Africa, this drinking chocolate gives a smooth chocolate experience but omits any bitterness. This drink has subtle sweetness, a deep chocolate flavour and delicate notes of dried fruit. We know soul foods exist, well, we’d say so do soul drinks – this hot chocolate makes you feel good. Shop here.

Order your winter warmers now here and you will be well equipped to get through the upcoming frosty months. If you’d like to try before you buy, our warehouse is of course always open and Hugo is happy to whip you up any of the above!