Our New Single Origins are Here!

September 08, 2020

We’ve done it! They’re finally here and we can’t wait for you to see them. No, we’re not talking about our new merch (well that’s here too!) – our Single Origins campaign has just launched and as you can probably tell, we’re excited!
This concept will allow us to introduce 12 new coffee experiences throughout the year, with each blend showcasing the variety, region, process, altitude and background of the grower of the coffee bean in question.
Experience Cherry Badass, originating from Burundi in Central Africa, Tropical Fruit Symphony, Guji Hambella and the Guatemalan sourced Rosario de Fatima, which all make up this first release.
Our head honchos are stoked to bring this concept to life and help our customers understand in more detail exactly where their coffee comes from and who is growing it. 
We hope you love our Single Origins range as much as we do – check them out here.