Single Origins Round 2!

November 23, 2020

You guys loved the first batch of our Single Origins so much that we thought we’d bring you another lot!


We’ve spent the past few months scouring the globe for some of the most unique coffee growers out there, and we’re excited for you to try what we’ve come up with.


The latest offering includes La Providencia from fourth-generation coffee producers in El Salvador, Costa Rican grown Steven Mora, and Riverside, a Papua New Guinean variety with complex acidity of black currants and a chocolate body finish.


Our Single Origins concept allows us to introduce new coffee experiences for our loyal customers to enjoy, which sit alongside our mainstay varieties of Three Pence, Dark Carnival, Big Top, Paramour and Huatsusco Mexico Decaf. Each of our Single Origins showcases the variety, region, process, altitude and background of the grower of the coffee bean, taking customers on a journey to understand more about their coffee.


We hope you love our new batch of Single Origins range as much as we do. To understand exactly where these new batches of coffee are coming from and who is growing them, shop the range here.