The Perks of being a Three Pence Wholesaler

March 23, 2022

At Three Pence, we pride ourselves on serving the community with not only great coffee but a great attitude and a family-like approach. This is why we offer wholesaling opportunities to everyone, whether you’re a small or large business, surf club or even if you are brand new to the cafe game. To make your choice easy, we’ve listed why being a Three Pence wholesaler is important and why you should join our tight-knit family of coffee connoisseurs. But first, here’s a little bit about us.


Our love affair with coffee began when we noticed the modern coffee drinker was evolving. Customers were no longer satisfied with a quick caffeine fix but were more discerning in their preference, interested in where the coffee came from and its tasting notes. And so our mission has now become to produce consistently excellent, sustainable and ethical coffee. We believe that a true wholesaler has to share the same values that allowed us to build this business into what it is today, which is the love of coffee and people.


Three Pence has been winning awards and hearts since its inception in 2014 and we have never looked back. One award that speaks out to us the most was our bronze medal at the Australian International Coffee Awards for our beloved Dark Carnival signature blend and is a perfect full body blend, with flavours of nuts & sweet tobacco, and a berry-like finish.


We’ve worked alongside and with countless local and nation-wide businesses from Mr Paisleys, Caringbah to Chapman Lane Cafe in Gymea. They love our products but might love our friendly faces that little bit more, which makes for the perfect working partnership.


From our classic blends to something a little different, we have a unique range of blends to satisfy your needs as well as the needs of your customers, that’s the Three Pence difference. Oh, and we’ll always have a cheeky smile to offer you.


For more information on our range and stock, visit our online store here or if you want to see our top 5 picks written by us then you’ll want to click here. Along with all this, we relieve some of the stress with fast turnaround times so that you can focus on the important aspects of work and life in general.


Get in touch and we’ll let you know how it all works, from minimum quantity to delivery day and our onboarding program. We’re dedicated to setting our wholesale partners up for success and offer extensive training and onboarding so we know that you and your staff are doing the coffee and your customers justice.