Three Pence Christmas Gift Guide

December 23, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate than to give your loved ones a few of our must-haves. From our freshly roasted coffee beans to our famous merchandise, there’s nothing better than a bit of Three Pence in your life. Christmas shopping is made easy when you can buy everything in one place and that’s what we’re all about. Visit our shop for our full range of coffee, milk, merchandise and equipment, but here’s our personal favourites for now.

Three Pence Original Coffee Beans

Showcasing our Central American Farmers, Three Pence is a full body blend with sweet flavours of rich cocoa, blood plum & malt, with a honey-like finish. Our Three Pence blend coffee beans are designed for that sit down, cafe experience and is great paired with a sweet treat.

Awarded a Bronze Medal for 'Milk Based Coffee' in the Golden Bean Coffee Roasting Competition 2018.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

Coffee on the run has never been easier with the light weight, easy to clean AeroPress Coffee Maker. It’s designed for travelling and ensuring that you always have a crisp cup wherever you are. The AeroPress performs in its element while still remaining a functional everyday home and office coffee maker. It is coffee-making made fun and easy and is definitely a great Christmas gift for anyone who relies on the local cafe.

Three Pence Big Top Coffee Beans

One of our favourite blends is the show you don’t want to miss and it’s the big, bold and full Big Top blend. This bad boy is sure to tantalise the taste buds of coffee lovers and it’s perfect for your strong coffee fix. We recommend drinking it as a milk-based coffee or comfortably drunk as an espresso.

Three Pence Keep Cup

So we’ve talked about all things coffee but you can’t be drinking it out of your hands, you need a good quality cup to consume the best coffee in the world (yes, we mean Three Pence Coffee). Introducing our much loved Three Pence Keep Cup. It’s a great gift idea for those people in your life who are always on the run or in a rush to get to events, meetings or just a casual day at the office.

Three Pence Cap

Summer is well underway and there’s no better time than now to get your hats out and protect your face from all the rays coming your way. Our Three Pence Cap is perfect for sun protection and it’s stylish too so you’ll know that you’re always looking your best. It’s great for stocking fillers.

We hope you gained a little bit of inspo and have a few more people sorted for Christmas this year. Make sure to visit our website for more from our range but if you’re looking for the best of the best, our list above is the one for you. 

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