Why You Suck At Latte Art and How To Fix It

May 07, 2020

So, you’re still in lockdown and you’re still bored in the house and in the house bored? Why not practice some latte art! Presto has shared some of his top tips for the perfect pour.

First, steam the milk jusssssst right. If the texture comes out too bubbly, too thin or too thick, it’s not going to work. The finished milk texture should be creamy and silky, yet fluffy. Practice first with full cream milk as it holds together for longer before separating compared to other milks.

Second, swirl the crema around in the cup before pouring to provide an even surface, allowing the pattern to flow in smoothly. Mixing the crema also assists in maintaining a balanced flavour for when you drink the coffee.

Don’t wait too long to pour the milk, coffee has no patience and waits for no one! We know we are sounding pushy, but don’t pour too quick or too slow. Fast pour = crema disappears, resulting in a lot of white in the cup. Slow pour = crema raising to the top, resulting in no pattern. Learning the right speed can take time, but it also means more practice runs which means MORE COFFEE.

Now that you’ve got the above in mind, here’s how to pour a heart:

  1. Pour the milk side to side in one area of the cup.
  2. Continue this until you create a big circle of crema.
  3. Move the jug slightly forward and continue pouring on the big spot of foam until the cup is nearly full.
  4. Finish the heart by pouring in a quick, thin straight line forward through the middle.

It will take a while until you’re on Presto’s level of latte art, but he is in need of some healthy competition. Feel free to share your results with us by tagging @threepenceroasters. Happy pouring!