Our Favourite Summer Inspired Coffees

November 29, 2021

Summer is right around the corner and you need to get those blenders and at-home coffee machines ready for the long days of fun in the sun. There’s no need to worry about how to adapt your homemade coffee for the warmer weather because we have you sorted with some inspiration for your Summer fix of delicious, ice cold coffee.


Three Pence Coffee Milkshake

If you’re looking for a twist on a classic then you can’t go wrong with our 4-ingredient coffee milkshake that only takes 5 minutes to make and tastes absolutely delicious. For this bad boy, you’ll need to add any milk or milk alternative of your choosing to your blender, you can find the perfect choice from on our online store here. Grind up your favourite Three Pence coffee and add that to your blender, all of our coffee is available here. We recommend our infamous Big Top blend!

 Next, you’ll need one or two pumps of your favourite milkshake syrup, our favourite is the Supreme Chocolate Milkshake Syrup. Add as much ice cream as you desire, we think 4-5 big scoops is the best for the classic milkshake creaminess. Blend it all up until nice and smooth, pour it into your favourite cup and enjoy! This one will truly knock your socks off.


Three Pence Iced Long Black with Coffee Crush

Here’s a fancy one for all of you iced coffee lovers out there! To make your coffee crush, you’ll need to combine your favourite Three Pence coffee blend, which you can find here, with cold water and pour into an ice tray. We recommend our Paulo Flora Single Origin blend. Put the ice tray in the freezer until frozen, preferably overnight, along with a second shot in a glass (or halve one shot between the two).

The next morning, take your cold espresso out of the fridge and pour into a glass with the frozen coffee crush. Add sugar if you like, serve and enjoy!


Three Pence Iced Coffee

If you think cold espresso is a bit too bitter then maybe an Iced Coffee is a better option for you. Add your favourite Three Pence blend and a dash of milk into your designated coffee mug with ice and voilà! Any milk or milk alternative will work, shop our options here, for coffee we recommend our Dark Carnival blend.


Try out some of our favourites and let us know what yours was at @threepenceroasters on Instagram.