What your coffee order says about you – the sequel!

July 06, 2021

A few weeks ago, we spilled the beans on what your coffee order says about you so the funny look you get from your barista might finally make sense… or you can dig up some dirt on your next coffee date.

Now, the limit does not exist for how many variations of coffee one can order these days, so we are breaking up this into several parts. Today, we are bringing you part two, along with the best Three Pence blend for each order.


  1. Decaf

You’re breaking the habit or cutting down on your caffeine intake. You’re in our thoughts and prayers, we know it’s tough… good luck.

Try: Three Pence Decaf.


  1. Short Black

You’re in a bigger rush than Long Black drinkers. You literally do not have time to read this blog and you’re probably running late for something.

Try: A Three Pence Single Origin.


  1. Piccolo

Ahh, Mark and Anthony’s pick! You’re a seasoned pro. You know the difference between washed and natural coffee processes. You’ve tried them all and you’ve found your true coffee love in a piccolo.

Try: Dark Carnival.


  1. Dirty Chai

You’re the creative type and you like to stand out from the crowd. Not many people request a Dirty Chai, a fact that gives you a smug smile each time you order.

Try: Paramour.


  1. Mocha

Your taste buds are still adapting to the taste of coffee and that’s ok, Rome wasn’t built in a day. To ease into a coffee order that won’t make the barista want to check your ID, try a cappuccino next.

Try: Big Top.


Like we mentioned in part one, we respect any and all coffee orders and we invite you to try a selection of the above at Three Pence HQ (once it is safe to do so… thanks Covid).